For over six years we've brought you some of the best writers from around the region and across the country, including those listed below. We hope you'll visit their webpages, buy their books, and then come back and see us again--and spot one of them for a signing.


Brandy Schillace

Benjamin Landry

Mark Winegardner

Michael Garriga

Rebecca Scherm

Emily Troia

Rebecca Ligon

Amit Majmudar

De'John Hardges

Joanna Connors

Naomi Jackson

Terrance Hayes

francine j. harris

Thrity Umrigar

Michael Ruhlman

Hannah Pittard

Holly Brown

Kailey Sherrick

Rita Dove

Tomás Q. Morín

Dave Hill

Anne Trubek

Rebecca Scherm

Holly Jensen

Caryl Pagel

Mary Quade

Ali McClain

Dan Dorman


Peter Grandbois

Imad Rahman

George Bilgere

Aubrey Hirsch

Benjamin Busch

Michael W. Clune

David Baker

Linda Gregerson

Kristen Ohlson

Ben Stroud

Sara Tracey

Nathan Kemp

Jessica Smith

David Giffels

Scott Raab

Margot Singer

Elton Glaser

Adrian Matejka

Celeste Ng

Katheryn Schulz

Kevin Keating

Thrity Umrigar

Caryl Pagel

Couri Johnson

Natasha Rodr